6 days to go

hmmm, there are a few twinges of nerves, but good so far. did 6 miles at MP yesterday, and cemented my decision to go for the 4:15 pace team. reading thru my book/training log from the first 3 months, which had me headed for a 4 hour run, had me thinking that i might still be able to do it. the run and how i felt made me realize that it's pushing it. not to mention the hillier last 6 miles of the actual course, crowding, and all that.

i plan to do 3 miles tomorrow and 2 on thursday. then off to the expo friday to get my number, sign up for my pace team, and drool over gear and shoes.

saturday is the team dinner for World Vision, which I'm looking forward to, and then ... the race sunday morning!

now i'm off to check the forecast, even tho it's a bit early ...