One day away

I'm excited, not too nervous anymore, and so glad it's almost here! Thanks to many amazing friends and family, my donations to Team World Vision passed the $5000 mark this week!! Thank you all SOOO very much.

I got some real sleep last night, have nap plans today, and have one big carb dinner behind me. One more to go tonight with my Team Dinner. M gets to come with me as family is in town to join the fun. Weather is looking good, I have my number (29473) and chip and all my other stuff laid out.

Now to figure out what to write on my jersey. It's not as easy as it sounds. It already says 26.2 for Africa on the back, and I'll have a back number there also as I'm running with the 4:15 pace team and there are back bibs as part of that. I'm debating whether to use my first name, old nickname, or Mom of D and F. Perhaps all of them? Will see tomorrow :)

Thanks for all the support so far, and the continuing prayers.

This blog will be updated with auto-posts of my time at all the 5k marks, as well as every mile from 16 to the finish. Some of you have already signed up for updates, if you see this and want them, subscribe to this blog and you'll get 'em all!

Until tomorrow night ...