getting lost

I've discovered lately that getting lost while running, or deliberately wandering where I don't know the streets, is a very gratifying way to run. I genuinely did get lost last week, and ended up in Manhattan, but that was partly from my refusal to turn around. I tried to find my way around the back side of the Navy Yards, saw a piece of a bridge finally that I thought might be on the BQE, and quickly realized I was on the Williamsburg Bridge headed into Manhattan. I refused once again to turn around, wandered the projects on the other side till I found the Manhattan bridge, and came home that way. Two new bridges under my belt, a 60 second shower, and I just made it to my client meeting on time tho a bit drippy. It makes it so much easier to keep going when you can't measure the distance back to your front door in your head. The "just keep going" factor is a lot stronger.

Today I had to get out early before M left for work (yes on a Sunday, and he has to work straight through New Year's also, ugh) and it was sooooo warm for December I wore a tank top and a fleece and was a bit too warm. Ended up at 63 today though it was in the 50's then. I went to my new favorite spot to pray, the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge, and had a couple blissful minutes with the entire bridge (that I could see) to myself. I got home to find out work had been delayed a couple hours for M but I didn't go back out, I felt done despite the barely 4.5 miles I'd done. I have to get in some longer runs in the next 3 weeks to be ready for 13.1 on the 25th!

Back in the saddle

I had my first run today where I found the zone again, and it was sooo nice. Just 6 miles, but enough to feel. At a 9:30 clip it felt good. First time since the marathon that I've run 2 days in a row, and I'm slowly finding my rhythm again. Thinking of doing the 5-mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, haven't signed up yet though. Depends on where we go for dinner which is still up in the air.

It feels great to be back!


i hobbled around for the first few days after the marathon, and had trouble with descending steps for about 3 days. by friday i was itching for a run and did 3 miles, but should have listened to my friends who said wait for 2 weeks. i still didn't listen, and ran again yesterday (11 days out) and felt a lot better muscle-wise. I did end up with really sore toes on my right foot last night, feels like they're almost broken but i know they're not, just something tightening up. I did lose 4 toenails, but it doesn't really hurt at all. I'd post a gross picture but have no macro lens, lucky you :).

The marathon did what I expected it would. It exhilarated. It cemented my love of running. It made me realize how very much I love NY, and how hard it will be to leave. It hasn't changed my hope of leaving, but it made me realize how big a chunk of my heart will remain here.

Not that leaving yet is a reality, as finances won't allow it, but it still feels like the thing to do ... soon. I've said before that it's not time to leave a place until it really hurts to do so, and this is proving to be no exception.

In the meantime, my current plan if we're here next year is to run all five half marathons. That I would looooove to do, and get to see more of the city. I did Brooklyn's half last year, but want to do them all this time around. I have a friend who's mentioned the Cape Cod marathon also, next october, and I won't rule that one out ... we shall see. Did I mention I'm hooked?