Still in the saddle ...

It's been awhile, hasn't it? I haven't stopped running, not by a long shot. I just stopped updating the blog. Rather than a futile attempt at catching up, just the highlights.
I ran the NYRR Half Marathon Series last year, and managed to get my time down to 1:53 by the end of the year (the Staten Island race). I cried on the sidelines of the marathon, feeling utterly left out, so scrambled to finish up my 9+1 for guaranteed entry this year. Stalking the FB message boards for NYRR got me a last-second volunteer assignment for New Year's Eve, literally making my +1 at the very last minute.
I started this year by switching to Vibram 5-Fingers shoes, and am in love with them. My last shoe-race was the NYRR Half in March, which was a lot of fun! Nothing but toe-shoes since then.
A couple more half marathons, and then the ING NYC marathon on Nov 7th. I'd trained for a 4:00 race and stayed healthy, so figured I could pull it off. Not to be my day, though. Crowding was really bad, I tried to keep up with the 4:00 pace group but the crowding forced too much weaving. I was underweight thx to a lot of stress in other parts of my life, and then didn't eat enough protein thanks to fears of having to make a bathroom stop. I just plain ran out of energy at about mile 16, and dropped behind the pacers at that point. I dragged my sorry butt for the next 10 miles, often whimpering in exhaustion, and managed to pull off a 4:13:02, exactly 60 seconds faster than 2008. I'm ok with it, I did my very best, and can't expect any more of myself than that. I truly gave my all. Recovery was faster though, only one day of hobbling down the steps!
I'm aiming for 7 half marathons next year, the NYC Half, the series of 5, and the More half ... would love to get down to a 1:40 by the end of the year, though that will take a LOT of work. I'm up for it I think :)

My Vibram's after the marathon :).