The Faith Factor


Faith is a touchy subject.  It’s a deeply personal thing, and something that varies widely from one person to the next.  When push comes to shove, and you’re grasping for the reasons behind something that you can’t quite see, you find out where you’ve been hiding your faith.  What or who are you trusting?  The deluge of swine flu information got me thinking about it all a bit more than usual.  Who or what am I trusting with my family’s health?  How do I know I’m making the best choices?  What should I do?

Faith has two main ingredients, with a twist.  The two basic piecesare the intensity with which you have your faith, and the worthiness of the source you have it in. Both are inextricably linked, and both are valuable.  You’re probably familiar with things like the Law of Attraction, or the Power of Positive Thinking.  Both are based on intently marshalling your thoughts towards your desired outcome, and the belief that the focus and intensity of your thoughts will bring about the results you want.  Whether you label it cosmic energy or spiritual forces or positive vibes, there is truth to the premise.  The intensity of your faith is a big part of it’s value.  I’ll get to the twist in a minute.

The other part of the equation, and truly the more significant one, is the worthiness of the source. If the object of your faith has no ability to give you your hopes on a platter, the intensity of your desire is pretty worthless.  It might make you feel warm and fuzzy, but it won’t get the job done.  If I put my swine-flu avoidance faith in the belief that all pigs will sprout wings and fly into space, taking the disease with them, I’m going to be rather disappointed.  It’s up to me to determine how worthy my object(s) are.  Do your homework, ask your questions, and then decide where you draw the line.

The twist is that faith takes work.  (Faith without works is dead, and looks more like hope than faith.)  Faith seeks, acts, loves, pursues, and proves.  It’s active, relational, and touchy.  The more intensely you have it, the harder you work with your objects.  Interactions (with your doctor, God, yourself, the media, friend’s opinions, etc.) give you feedback, build your relationship, and tell you how well-placed your faith is.

Faith isn’t really a simple equation, it’s more like a relationship.   A personal, individual relationship.   One that shows up in your choices, and makes you glow when you’re really passionately and actively living it.