from the tired zone

i seem to be pretty permanently in the tired zone.  it’s 1am and I’m calling it quits on web design work, having no brain left.  i only billed 2 of the last 3 hours, as the brain wasn’t firing fast enough to qualify.  i’m getting a lot happier with the state of the current site, but have some more image work to do.  another big site draft due a week from today that’s not started.  i’m glad to have the work, glad that it’s getting easier, but not sure how to fit it all in.  there aren’t enough hours in the day.  i’m also the queen of getting distracted.  i broke out the timer today, and managed to finish a software box mockup, in illustrator, in 75 minutes.  speedy for me as i’m not a 3-d-mocker-upper by trade, don’t really have the tools, or the knowhow.  i beat the heck out of the free transform command and hoped for the best.

another half marathon on saturday, anyone want to come babysit for me?  m has to work and I’m going to probably have to hire some HS girl to come for 4 hours or so, the usual avenues are coming up dry.  thankfully there’s some $ to cover it if you don’t count the other things that are behind :). 

reading this and finding it good.  it certainly speaks to where I’m at and what I’m craving.  i want to build a birdhouse this week (for a swap buddy) because it sounds like a lot of fun to me.  hoping i can find the time.

had a silly creative moment in the kitchen, resulting in these last night. 

boys had a ball with them.  recipe here if you’re intrigued.  no this isn’t becoming a food blog.  funny how you get focused on it tho when buying groceries becomes restricted to the basics.

the new stove came yesterday, woohoo!  so nice to ba able to cook again.  dragged/manhandled the box inside, and made the requisite fort out of it.  boys watched cartoons on the laptop in there, munching on popcorn.  i looooove forts.  wish i still fit in them, and want to build a treehouse.  soon.

i’m trying not to think about summer and getting work done, when the 11 hours a week I currently have child-free (two days w/both boys in school) will be gone.  no camps this summer, so i’ll have them for 2 months.  hoping i can keep the workload light, but not sure what will happen.

big drama at d’s school last week, with the principal getting arrested for assaulting a teacher during a corporal punishment hearing.  rather ironic.  he’s gone, probably permanently, and i’m curious who the’ll bring in.  it stirs up many gentrification and class and race arguments, which i to date haven’t chimed in on.  the man was great with kids, and not so great with adults.  very defensive, with some reason it seems but still not effective at all in managing staff.  the whole thing makes me sad, and i really feel sorry for his teenage kids.  it has to be rough for them.