last day of school

feeling a bit fragile today.  not sure what it is.  very very glad to have c here, she always gets my feelings to the surface.  one kid finished first grade today, the other finished being a ‘ladybug’ and his first year of preschool.  very little sleep last night.  facing a summer of no childcare, but lots of work to do to keep things afloat.  have to work out a time-share with m on the days he’s not working.  almost burst into tears when thinking of the boys getting to see grambie next month, tho it will be very very short and she probably won’t remember much as it’s going to be chaos with a big family wedding.  rain for 2 weeks means hardly any sun.  almost everything feels like it’s in limbo.  i think we have a front-room tenant(s) starting in august, yay!!! not sure what to do for july.  still have r here but he knows he’s out if we get someone in.  owes a month, about to owe two.  not feeling the yay today, feeling very introspective but not depressed.  just needing to get it out.  i imagine that will happen tonight.  i hope so.

today, in pictures.  stops just before i got to see Douglas after school, when i met up with him at the park with his friends, in jeans and nothing else, soaking wet and gleeful.  another good day.

fynn had a performance at school, followed by pizza at the park.  i wasn’t feeling like being social, sadly, and kept to myself pretty much. 

circle time performance, singing



sweet melissa

see kai run

showing dad the medal

rather apt

juice boxes are coveted

and abandoned for popsicles  (did i mention i love redheads?  i have a slew of pics of this delicious one)