trips taken, friends visited, sun warmed, loneliness felt, body crashed, clouds watched, thoughts chewed, life lived.


between my birthday and the holidays, it always seems to trigger introspection that often slides into depression. this year is no different.  in many ways it's been the least stressful year i've had in a long time.  finances are better (at least temporarily), there are few obligations and lots of free time, and we've gotten in lots of trips and visits in the last 12 months.  my day-to-day interactions are far less frequent than they've ever been though, and while i feel like my introverted side is becoming more prominent, it needs to be balanced by deep-enough interactions that i don't get too lost in the well.  i seem to be leaning more towards small groups or 1:1, the pull of a party crowd is not what it used to be. 

i especially miss female friends to chew the fat with, though the local homeschool meetup gives me a couple hours a week of that which i'm very thankful for.  face-to-face is much better than phone and email, though i'm glad for that too.  it's something that i'm looking for more of in the next year.  xo.