Question of the week | May 5th

Are you empowered as a woman?

My half marathon yesterday was an incredibly empowering event for me, and not just in the physical sense.  The fact that I’ve slowly (read: 16 months!) trained myself to run longer and longer distances has given me not only much stronger muscles and endurance, but a very real feeling of what I can accomplish if I just keep at it.  The thrill of charging across the finish line with enough energy and to spare was a huge one.  I know what I can accomplish if I stick at it long enough.  I know how good it feels to set a goal and start ticking off milestones. 

I’ve been empowered in countless other ways as a mom, adding to the identity and abilities I had before having kids.  It’s amazing how empowering the role of motherhood is, even to those who might not have assumed so.  Ani diFranco speaks to that in an interview in the most recent issue of Mothering, a magazine I find very empowering in my role as mom!

bookSo, Are you empowered as a woman? In what ways? Are you more empowered now that you’re a mom than you were before? 

PRIZE: A one-year subscription to Mothering Magazine’s online edition! 
NOTE: If you win and already get the magazine or have no use for it, please let me know and I’ll find a substitute. 

DEADLINE: Sunday the 11th of May at midnight EST.