Q of the Week : What are you really thankful for?

It’s that time of year again here in the U.S., and I hope you get some time to reflect on and enjoy the things that you’re thankful for in the next few days!  I’ve been seeing the FaceBook statuses change to “I’m thankful for …” , swerved through the mob at the farmer’s market as they scooped up pumpkins and cream and turkeys, gotten my assignment of 2 pies for thursday, and am truly looking forward to a few days off and no travel!

I’ll start you off with my top-of-mind list. 

This year I’m thankful …

  • For a husband who supports me no matter which direction I’m career(een)ing in
  • For having (seriously) the best house-mates in the world.  If I have to have them (which I do right now) these are the two I’d pick!  Night and Day when compared to a year ago.   
  • For a stockpile of ASAP SilverCreme, which is helping heal my road-rash amazingly fast.
  • For garlic.  And salt.  And limes.  Three things I wouldn’t know how to cook without.
  • For chocolate, speaking of food.  Dark chocolate.
  • For getting to live in the best borough of the most amazing city in the world.  It feels like survival too much of the time, and I lose sight of the living bit.  I am thankful for it when I stop to think about it. 
  • For things that make me cry, unexpectedly, like the two subway-buskers last night who were playing and singing together in the most gorgeous harmony.  Their love was so tangible and raw I was touched just seeing it. 
  • For the people around me who aren’t afraid to be themselves. 
  • For the joy of my boys, their curiosity, humor, friendliness, intensity, and love for each other.
  • For being seen, truly seen, and still loved.
  • Did I mention chocolate?
  • For the love of God, and the weight of his hand on my shoulder.
  • For my memory, and memories, and the richness of mine.
  • For lots of work, despite my grumbling about where to fit it in the schedule.
  • For cousins who come and take me out to insanely good (and expensive) restaurants, when I’m utterly sick of making dinner.
  • For leaf piles, toenail clippers, mozart, cheese, pottery bowls, orange, wood floors, twilight, humming, hand-me-downs, parks, bacon, sharp scissors, and BAM.

What are you thankful for this year?