Happy Friday!

So very glad it’s friday, I’m looking forward to a relaxing dinner with friends, and some real conversation.  I did a rush design job last night (started to do web designs on the side to augment the slim checking acct) that went until 4am because I bit off more than I could chew.  I learned a lot though, through frantic Googling, awesome tech support, and much trial and error!  I’d forgotten how good it felt to learn something new and put it immediately to use.  Perhaps it’s just me and technology, but there was something satisfying about it, and now I’m ready to chill.   I hope I don’t fall asleep over dinner though :).  Thankfully I made a lasagne last weekend, in a fit of cooking, and have it ready to heat up. 

Hope your weekend is enjoyable, and don’t forget to toss your regrets in the bonfire before tomorrow night!  Nothing to lose but the wistful feeling :).