Queston of the Week | Who does the planning in your house?

I don’t know about you, but holiday weekends generally leave me exhausted, and we didn’t even leave town!  There’s that feeling of packing everything in, taking advantage of days off to do things you wouldn’t normally, and late nights, shot schedules, and tired kids.  This weekend was no exception, and I had a really hard time getting up this morning! 

How does this relate to the headline up there?  One of the reasons I get so tired is that I seem to be the only one (in our family of four) that “keeps the comprehensive”.  Yes I’m home more often than my husband, but despite planners, notes, calendars, reminders, lists, more notes, text messages, and skywriting (i wish!), I still can’t seem to get my husband to remember even the simplest of things sometimes.  I’m the one compiling lists of activities, scheduling the kids, the playdates, the parties, and working out when I’m going to cook those lemon bars that we need to take to the party.  I have it ALL, except for the things I forget, in my head, on my desk, in my planner, on my computer, or on the table. His brain just doesn’t seem to hold things simultaneously, and to-do’s seem to get pushed aside very easily and accidentally.

I don’t think I do this just because I’m a logical list-y kind of gal and I’m married to an artist.  I’m betting that more women in general take the ‘comprehensive’ role than men.  I don’t think it’s tied (at least not heavily) to who’s at home, who works, or how we’re conditioned.  I think women’s brains are wired a bit differently.  I have some info on that from a friend of mine, but as I have no sources on it yet I’ll hold off on sharing it.  (I’ll post it later this week.)

I’d love to know your thoughts on the whole “who plans” thing in your family.  Who takes the brunt of the keeping track job, or is it truly shared?