In a mood

Why onions? Dunno. Liked the picture, and suits my mood somehow. Spicy and likely to make people around me cry … I don’t know what’s up with me today.  Once again I stayed up too late, so 6 hours of sleep didn’t quite cut it.  I’m running a lot lately, dealing with a UTI at the same time, and need more sleep than normal.  I’m not getting it.  Late nights means lateish mornings, and we all get off to a slow start.  This time of year I need to be in the sunshine every second it’s available, or I crash and burn into a slow depression that goes on for months.  It’s not pretty.  This year it seems to be hitting earlier than normal, which has me a bit freaked out as it’s not even November yet!  I think it’s time to do some writing again, in my journal, and vent some of the stuff I’m stewing about under the surface.  Isn’t it crazy that as moms we take care of everyone else, but somehow getting to care for ourselves is a luxury?  So stinkin true lately. 

On a related note, I’ve been feeling more and more home-body-ish lately, which doesn’t go along all that well with homeschooling two active boys.  We all need to get out more, and not just to the park.  It’s great that we have free time together, but I have trouble putting it to good use.  I find myself dreading the days we have appointments because I don’t want to pack/cajole/feed/prep for the outings, and the days I’m home I stew because they’re at each other’s throats and I get crabby.


I know it’s just a day, a phase, a time of life … and this too shall pass.  I know we all have bad days.  I know I should do something about this winter-blahs bit, and not just @#$@# about it.  First off I’ll be hunting down natural light-bulbs, whatever they’re called … those things that mimic sunlight pretty well.  We could all use them … the whole familiy that is.  I’m going to pursue beauty at home too, and see if that helps … making everyday things that are beautiful and not just functional.  What are your tricks when you feel like this?