Merry Merry Christmas to you all, and Happy Holidays!

Hand-cut card by my talented house-mate, you can find her work here on Etsy. I hope you’re all tucked in somewhere lovely, finding bits of your heart fed, pockets of delight, and enjoying warm thoughts and toes.  It’s a time to revel in love and friends, indulge in what gives you joy, and know that if things are rough, they’re even rougher somewhere else.  I was commenting to a friend on the phone yesterday about my husband having a big upcoming job dropped into limbo, and when she said “things must be hard for you” I realized I was talking to someone whose life was in a far darker place than mine, and I had no reason to complain!  May your children be grateful, your love reciprocated, and your fellowship rich.  Thanks for all your support and comments on SaneMoms this past year, it’s been great to have you all along in my quest for sanity! It truly makes the journey more enjoyable. 

Love and Merry Christmas to you all,