Q of the Week : How has your sex drive survived (or not) after kids?

Photo Courtesy of Peneli via Flickr. Thanks to a longtime reader/friend for this one!  I’ve had it in the forums for ages, but it never got much attention.  How about it ladies …

How has your sex drive survived (or not) after kids?  After your last few weeks of questions about not sleeping, trying to do too much, etc, I wonder how our relationship with our spouse figures in.  Does it fall in somewhere after you drag yourself to bed, drag yourself up in the morning, travel across town again and again for school, play dates, classes, parks, groceries, laundry, etc?  Is it still a priority?  Do you still feel that spark, and if you do, do you have the energy to respond to it?  Is it even possible to feel sexy at least some of the time?  Or has all that been put on hold until some mythical time when we get to feel like real women again?

Thanks for the question, what say you all?