Project Crazy

I’m a sucker for projects, and feel a bit lost without one in front of me.  I think it has something to do with feeling useful and productive and all that, but it’s just how I am.  I HAD to make something this week, something new and mess-producing, so I whacked together a bench for our back porch out of old plywood and 2x4’s, and got the kids to help me paint it today.  Of course it involved power tools and a 3-year-old, which isn’t necessarily a good combination!  Danger (did I mention the 18-inch-high wall around the rather small porch, and the fact that the boys and I were all working on projects simultaneously that involved hammers and nails?) aside, I had a ball.  I think they did too, if the amount of red paint I scrubbed out of hair and off skin tonight was any indication.  It was a project!  It had a handy, colorful, fun result!  I got to cross something off my list, and feel creative to boot! 

I vacillate between wanting to always be busy, and then getting frustrated if I take on too many projects at once.  (I think I’ve mentioned before that saying “No I Can’t” isn’t a strong suit of mine.)  It’s nice when projects just line up one after the other, with an occasional lapse where I can just kick back and chill for a bit.  I’d like to find a more even rhythm than the hamster wheel/apathy cycle, but it doesn’t really seem to be my thing.  In the realm of slow and steady vs frantic activity, I’m a hare, most definitely.  And you, are you a tortoise or a hare?