The cycle of things

You know how women who live together, or spend a lot of time together, end up on the same moon cycle?  It’s rather baffling to me, but it’s always held true in my life.  It seems that life in general works that way too, and we go together in waves of being up, down, in crisis, and cruising right along.  When school is wrapping up and summer heat is kicking in, stress rises in general and I think it’s hit me, as well as a lot of my friends.  It appears to be time to dig into emotional subjects and issues, guilt ourselves, stress ourselves, and work out some thorny bits of life. 

Cracking mamas, unite!  If you’re in the cycle with me, know that you’re certainly not alone, and that it has to make a swing here soon in some other direction.  The days I utterly lose it, I find that there is still more to be had, more to be used, and more to be felt.  Rough emotions hurt, but they bring about change and they have to be acknowledged and processed before they fester too much. 

I’ll be taking next week off to go visit some friends for a much-needed break, so posting will be light if at all, I’ll be back in the saddle on Monday the 14th!