Tip of the Week : Disconnect Completely to Reconnect Fully (by Darah)

After nine full days away from my husband, children and daily life responsibilities, I have realized that the only way to truly find happiness is by disconnecting completely and spending some time ALONE - rediscovering you. Prior to my long-awaited “hiatus” I was misguided. I told myself I would spend my precious few days off considering alternative forms of discipline for my “challenging few,” analyze my marriage, and life in general. My original goal was to return full of great ideas about how I was going to fix my flaws and change the world for the better - starting with my own family.

Well, none of that happened. Frankly, I thought nothing about those things. In fact, I spent a lot of time doing the things I love to do and alternatively resting in the quiet space in my mind. No, I did not discover any hidden parenting truths, secrets to the perfect marriage or take any silent oaths to improve anything. I simply enjoyed my own company. For me personally, that entailed a lot of intense physical challenges such as difficult hikes, white-water rafting, steep bike climbs and horseback riding. I made it a point to do all the things I have always been zealous about- in my Pre-Wife, Pre-Mommy life. I did the kind of stuff I cannot do with small children in tow.

Now I am renewed and ready to go home. My self-esteem is at an all time high knowing that I still “got it” and have the zest in me to live out my passions. I also remembered how much pleasure I find in the stillness of my mind - something I rarely get a chance to experience in the daily hustle and bustle of motherhood.

With a fresh outlook and invigorated spirit, I am certain that my happiness and faith in ME will “spill over” into other areas of my life; namely my roles as wife and mother. It’s all about vibrations and if we take the time to nurture ourselves by staying connected to our personal passions and listening to that quiet voice within, as wives and mothers, we set the tone for the family unit. Now, that is power, Sister!

And without conscious rehearsal or diligent preparation, I am betting that because of this inner glow, my parenting and partnering skills will improve effortlessly. 


Written by Darah Zeledon. Mother of five, freelance writer, small business owner, and fitness freak, Darah has just returned to the US after living 9 years with her large brood in South America.  Through an angle of humor, Darah´s uniquely optimistic perspective of raising children in today’s unstable world has been strongly influenced by her experiences running a household and various businesses in several foreign lands.  You can read more of her here and here.