When's the last time you were sick?

The garbage pail under my desk when I started this post, which was last emptied yesterday …This is an utterly self-serving question, because I’ve been miserable for the last 5 days with a cold/sinus mess.  It’s a genuine question though, because when I’m down for the count, it really puts a lot on those around me.  I’m the glue, the scheduler, the gap-filler, the teacher, the most-of-the-time cook, the laundress, etc. and when I can’t do more than 20% of my usual tasks it gets pretty chaotic pretty fast. 

Videos have been my friend, and thank God I have one obsessive reader and another who’s getting pretty entranced with at least looking at books.  Yesterday I found the Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology textbook on my bed, and when I asked who got it off the homeschooling shelf Fynn proudly told me he’d looked at Every Single Picture in it!  I should probably be worried about that one … it’s all illustrations, but still it’s a high-school level textbook and has plenty of fodder for young imaginations.  One of the perils of having reading material laying around, but at least I can double-check what he’s seen, and not be wondering what he’s stumbled across online at this point. 

Michael’s also pitched in a lot as soon as he gets home, with food and dishes and putting the boys to bed.  I’m very thankful for that!  Douglas also made a couple lunches and that was awesome.  I’m also lowering my standards so that I don’t drive myself too nuts.  My folks are stopping by tonight for a very rare visit here, and while I did get clean sheets on their bed and vacuum, there’s still unfolded laundry and toys around and dishes in the sink.  Real life.  Thankfully today I have about 80% of my energy back so it’s a lot more normal around here.

So when’s the last time you were sick?  How’d it affect your life and your family?