Letting go of mess part II : Poetry (from kfc) and a great link

Speaking of letting go of mess a couple weeks ago, here are a few more poems from Karin on that very subject!  Also, since my original post was about the mess of my kids’ artwork, here’s a great link from BlogHer on the same subject, with loads of ideas.  Enjoy!

Prayer for Tomorrow

Each evening I try to sit for a moment
to be still and to breathe
as the house settles around me for the night.
Tonight I notice a bit of peel, a blot of leftover sauce on the table.
I will myself to remain still.
These are the little things
God tells us to let go, let go.
They can be fixed later, or not.
In the scheme of things, no matter at all really.
A peel, a blot.
Leave it alone.
Yet I know
should some unexpected
guest wander in tomorrow
these will be the first things I think of
and I will be embarassed.
So, it’s not tonight
I pray for, Lord,
but tomorrow. 
Please help me let go,

One Week Later (The Blot)

Let it go, I willed myself
and God granted me the release to leave it.
So I did.
For a whole week that blot of spaghetti sauce sat there
on our family table. 
During meals, between meals,
I ignored it,
I left it alone,
I scrubbed around it.
Eventually, I smiled at it.
The blot and me,
at peace.
someone else cleaned it.
Today, after last night’s spaghetti
the happy spot has returned,
my very own personal
badge of honor.

Another Day with My Spot

Today, gone again
my happy spot.
Tonight, lasagna?