I don't love you because ...

I don’t love you because …

… you still reach for my hand every time we walk out of the gate

… you held my hair back every time i puked, and never lost your patience

… you tell me i can do anything i set my mind to, and believe it with all your heart

… you buy me amazingly perfect gifts, over and over again

… you never stop prying apart my armor, making sure my heart is still beating inside

… you taught me the meaning of fierce

… you saw right through me from day one, and never wavered

… your vulnerability and fear shines from behind that wall of empty bottles

… you are beautiful

… you are tender hearted and kind

… you trust me with your secrets

… you take me out to the most exotic dinners ever

… you leave the best bits for me

… you drop everything and come running when i whisper

… you always find the joy, always

… you do all the work at keeping in touch with me

… you amaze me with your ability to do just about everything

… you travelled to the other side of the world, and half the reason was to get to hang out with me, who you’d never met

… you make the most addictive rum balls ever

… you comment when no one else does

… you always look for ways to help

… you get me out of bed and into the cold to run

… you send me money, when you don’t have any either

… you never forget a birthday

… you ask me how i’m doing, and really want to hear the answer

… you wake up in a good mood every day, sporting the most amazing tangled blonde halo

… you delight in getting calls from me, no matter what mood i’m in.

I love you because you’re You.  imperfect. vulnerable. delightful. utterly. you