I am so done with this week

The mask is finally finished! I wished it fit me today, so I could hide behind it and just breathe heavily and growl a bit …Breaking the silence on Friday night to say this week has beaten me.  It started well enough, but I’m glad it’s Friday night and I can close the books on this week of school, and pray my mood doesn’t continue through the weekend!  The last straw today was the cats knocking the new camera onto the floor (it was lying on the washing machine this time) and cracking the casing open.  I cried into my taco meat in frustration, and gave up.  It’s been a long week.

Dashing husband came home, cleaned up the stoop from our brief foray outside that ended in a chip-devouring fest (when I should have been making dinner), and fixed the camera!  He can’t fix the yelling I did at the boys today, but there’ll be days like this, mama said.  They’re getting ready for bed :).

A few random highlights from the week … for your amusement or what have you:

  • Bought Fynn a used copy of this book on Amazon last week, because I was tired of checking it out of our library over and over and over again.  It arrived today, and lo and behold it’s a used copy formerly from … our library!  Go figure.  I guess it’s not that surprising, as it’s about a NYC landmark and there are probably more copies of it in this city than anywhere else, but still … 
  • Found out tonight one of my adventurous cousins leaves in a few weeks for Malawi, with his bike, and I think the BYOBike project he’s starting over there is a great one.  Check it out!
  • I’m bummed that James Durbin was eliminated from American Idol.  Yes, I watch it (late at night on youtube, no TV here) and though I don’t find his music to my taste, I loved his vulnerability.  He came across as the most honest and true to himself of the bunch.  I felt it, identified with it. 
  • I had one day this week to work without any distractions, as my husband took the boys on Wednesday, from breakfast to bedtime.  I squeezed in a 9 mile run and 9 hours of work, and then couldn’t wind down at the end of it all!  Being in the house alone was so delightful I didn’t want it to end.  It honestly made it hard to go back to homeschooling the next day. 
  • Speaking of homeschooling, I’ve started to implement some ideas this week from a conference I went to last weekend.  I have to say that a very simplifed version of Sue Patrick’s WorkBox System has made our mornings infinitely more pleasant, the homeschooling more productive, and dare I say peaceful.  Yes, I’m just getting more organized, but I’m finding that a little organization, as long as it’s consistent, goes a loooong way.  
  • One reason this week bit the big one was the steel band clamped around my head on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  Better known as the kind of don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed depression that hits without warning.  Except now I suspect the reason why it hit me those days … both times it was after eating wheat.  I mentioned last weekend’s wheat experience in Monday’s post, and I oopsed again last night when devouring a street taco, knowing the tortilla was too smooth to be purely a corn one.  I do think there’s a cause/effect thing going on there, but hope to not test it again any day soon.  

Hope you’ve managed to enjoy your week a bit more than I, and here’s hoping your weekend is a great one!