Q of the Week : How Do You Respond to Compliments?

Can you tell I hate having my picture taken? He was supposed to be taking pix of the boys hunting for easter eggs. I’m terrible at dealing with physical compliments.  Especially if they come from my husband.  He tells me I look beautiful?  I say “if you think so.”  Catch him staring at me with that look in his eye?  “What are you staring at??”.  I’m all gracious like that.  Yeah, really kind and appreciative.  Honestly?  It freaks me out a bit.  I don’t like having my picture taken, and send sardonic looks at the camera if I can’t actually escape it. It’s like I can’t really believe what he’s saying, and if I do, then I must be proud.  If I agree to it, then maybe he’s just fishing for sex.  What’s up with that assumption?  I have issues I guess.

When the compliments come from non-family, I usually soak it up.  I can manage a very sincere Thank You, even though I often tack on some sort of caveat or disclaimer.  Tell me my kids are well-behaved?  “Thanks, but you should have seen them yesterday!”  I never feel like they’re expecting anything in return.  Perhaps that’s my issue, I feel like there are strings attached when the compliment comes from family?  Something there anyway.  I’d love to be able to respond more appropriately, but it’s a tough one for me. 

So how do you respond when you’re complimented?  Enjoy it or deflect it?  If you can, sharing a great compliment you’ve gotten would be lovely too!