Q of the Week : How's your laundry situation?

The piles as of Sunday afternoon …I just added a contest at the bottom, don’t miss it!

I hate folding laundry.  Hate it.  I don’t mind running the loads through, though I’m pretty haphazard and fast about it all.  My husband will be glad to tell you I suck at really getting things clean, and it’s true that I overload the machine just to do fewer loads, and everything gets washed hot and rinsed cold.  Except the handwashing, which gets done about every 6 months.  Michael wished he had his special hand-decorated dress shirt clean to wear to a party on Friday, but alas it’s been waiting to be hand washed since it’s inaugural wearing many months ago. 

I’m very fortunate to have my washer/dryer in the kitchen, so it’s easy to keep the loads moving through.  I don’t love the fact that the washer has to be hooked up to the sink to run though.  It could be worse, I could be laundromat-dependent like so many in this city!

So the loads pile up.  They sit in the dryer till another wet load needs to go in, and then they move to the basket, then to the backup basket, and then onto the bed if those two are full.   The theory was that if they’re dumped straight on the bed then they’ll have to be folded before I go to sleep, but I’m really good at grabbing the whole pile and dumping it in a pile at the foot of the bed.  So I gave up on that idea.

The boys inevitably run out of clean underpants or socks or favorite sweatpants (the holey too-short ones, in 80 degree weather, yes I’m still fighting that one) and come whining for them.  The “dig in the dryer or the basket!” answer works half the time, and results in dressed kids and scattered clean clothes, the rest of the time I have to dig to the depths of the pile to help Fynn find his favorites.  Because I never get them folded.  I know I’m not the only one with this problem either.

So, do tell, are you a fold-while-they’re-still-warm kinda mom or do you wade through piles (clean or dirty) on a daily basis?  No shame here, no matter which end of the spectrum you’re on, though I suspect that the majority of you ladies are laundry-challenged in some capacity.  I can hope, right? 

Tell you what, it’s time for a contest.  If a least 5 of you email me pics of your pile(s), I’ll post ‘em all and let the commenters pick a winner.  The prize will be in no way related to laundry, I’ll figure out something fun when I post the pics.  Fair enough?  Deadline is next Sunday night the 12th, by midnight EST, and you can send it to bethany (at) sanemoms (dot) com, or upload it to the new SaneMoms.com Flickr Pool.  Don’t be shy, you KNOW you’re not alone in this!  No pics, no fear, just tell us about it below …