Q of the Week : What's your song?

Becky and I at her partyOne of my SIL’s was in town this weekend, for what’s become her annual birthday bash at our place.  She’s slow but able to live on her own, and relishes her rare weekend in the city for many weeks before and afterwards.  Her tastes are simple, which makes it pretty easy to please her.  We always have plenty of Coors Light, steak, and Push It by Salt n Pepa.  I admit that my tolerance for the song grew after about the 12th repeat with the volume cranked, but perhaps I was just tuning it out?  I did truly enjoy her enjoyment of it though, and even did a little rocking to it myself while cooking dinner.  I’m not sorry the CD went back home with her however! It’s definitely her song.

Fynn’s been utterly fixated on What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor recently, thanks to an Astrograss CD that we have kicking around here somewhere.  He’s learned to play about half of it on his cello, and sings it incessantly.  Fun to see reactions on the street as he hollers shave his belly with a rusty razor while barreling along!

I  haven’t had anything stuck in my head lately, but my favorites at the moment are probably Awake My Soul by Mumford and Sons, with a side of Ave Maria because I keep running into it everywhere and it’s never failed to be beautiful.  My husband keeps singing You Send Me by Sam Cooke and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that one either, despite the fact that he sings it so loudly it makes me cringe a bit.  Especially when he does it while we’re walking out the subway, where it’s nice and echoey.  

So what’s running through your head lately?  Something at the top of your Ipod list?  Have a special your song?  Love to get something besides Drunken Sailor going through my head, help me out here!