Reminder and a question

A Reminder: Tonight’s the deadline for question of the week, don’t forget to swing on over here and leave your comment about what you are and are you happy with it … thanks to those who’ve answered already!

The Question: Are you doing anything special for the inauguration on Tuesday?  I live in Brooklyn, and I can’t tell you the excitement that’s building here! Street parties, blocks of deals and specials and giveaways, Obama-crafts at kid spaces, and more.  A lot of my neighbors and friends are going to the ceremony itself and taking their kids along.  I’d love to be there but don’t think my claustrophobia would handle it, among other things.  I’ll be watching it though :).  I’m excited for the change, glad for the hope in the air, and praying for wisdom and strength for Obama and the whole team. I can’t begin to imagine the weight of such a job myself!

Cheers and have a great weekend!