Question of the Week | January 26th

You know you’re one of my kids when …

You have a 50/50 chance of being the one who was dutifully picking up the raisins you spilled this morning, and then screamed in fear and dropped the large wiggling “raisin” with antennae you found under the desk. You now fondly refer to this as the “raisin-bug” incident, and mom refers to it as the “time to have the landlord call the exterminator again” incident. Enough said.

You have “just a minute” on the list of your first words.

You know that mom CAN be silly, but doesn’t really like to be, and that she gets cranky when you’re silly most of the time.

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Question of the Week for 01/26. Answer with at least one thing from your own family that your kids will remember when they’re older … prize is a blue wire-bound journal with cool creme pages. Deadline is Jan 31st at midnight.