Sane Breastfeeding

This post over at DaMomma really caught my eye yesterday.  I’m a very-pro breast feeding mama (though I’m not at the moment :) and her provocative title “Breast is best and other total lies” set me on the defensive right off the bat. 

The heart of her post …

There is no doubt breastfeeding is one of the greatest gifts that a mother can give her child.

But it isn’t the greatest. It isn’t best.

The best thing a baby can have is happy, satisfied, secure parents. A mother who feels inadequate in the face of her child starts to resent her child. A mother who feels forced, every two hours, to engage in an act she finds excruciating, or degrading or just plain distasteful is going to associate those feelings with her baby. For those women and their babies, breastfeeding is bad.

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I was nodding my head in agreement by the time she was done. Nice to see such a sane perspective on it all!