Happy 2009!

Happy New Year Sane Moms!  I know, I know, it’s the 5th, kids have started school again, and routines are back into play.  Better late than never :).  Our morning started off according to the usual schedule today.  Hit snooze.  Changed mind about getting up before the kids.  Kids REALLY slept in.  Got up anyhow, putzed around online, ran for the shower when I heard Fynn stirring, raced thru making snacks, breakfasts, and getting Douglas ready for school.  He and I ate PB and honey bread on the way there for breakfast, arriving 3 minutes after school started.   I think the only thing different than normal was my comment to a fellow parent who was walking his kid to school alongside me.  I laughed about being late again, didn’t really hurry Douglas, and slowed down to walk with his friend.  Hurrying wasn’t going to make him on time so why fuss about it?!  That’s a change for me, the fussing queen.

I’ve already had a breakdown, squabbled with my husband, skipped a run, stayed up till 5am twice, and been hard on my kids so far this year … how about you?!  I can’t blame them all on PMS either though I’d certainly like to :).  I have a newsletter to write so I’ll leave it at that for now.