A fresh perspective

Walking home with my boys today after school, they were in full swing as usual.  We were on our final block and Douglas was in explanation mode, telling me all about an invention of some sort.  Fynn was just jumping out of the stroller to run ahead and ‘hide’ on the steps.  A woman walking past me got a lovely smile on her face, looked with appreciation at my boys, and then said to me, “Oh how lovely, you’ll never be alone!  That’s so nice.”  I looked up in surprise and a bit of wonder, agreed with her, and murmured something about them always having each other too.  Barring tragedy, she’s right, and I’d never thought about it that way before.  I’ll always have family.  That’s a beautiful thought, and a new perspective for me.  I got the sense that she was alone, and while not bitter about it, she was wistful.  I’m extra thankful for my family tonight!