Q of the Week : When did you last move, and why?

When did you last move, and why?

In keeping with this month’s Shaking the Grapevine article, I’m rather curious.  When and why did you last move?  Did you want to?  Dread it?  Look forward to it?  From where to where? 

My last move was from Mechanicsburg PA to Brooklyn NY, 6 years ago as of last week.  I very badly wanted to move, and the technical reason was so my husband could pursue his art career.  I’d always loved the city though, and we’d talked of moving here before we were even married.  I was ready to leave a small town and hightail it to a more diversified and energetic environment!  It’s been a great 6 years, but I’m getting a bit itchy again :)

> And you?  Please share!