Q of the Week : What books have you read 42 gazillion times?

What books have you read to your kids until you can recite them backwards and forwards?

Reading has always been a huge part of my life.  At the moment, I’m rather wistful for the times when I could read 3-4 novels a week, having very little else on my list of things to do in the evenings!  The non kid-lit is, alas, buried most of the time. 

I do read to my kids almost every day, even if it’s one book or chapter a night. Most of the time I let them pick, but sometimes I dictate based on how fast I want them to get into bed.  My husband is a master story-teller, and has characters he’s been developing for years now with our older son.  I’m not so cool, I just read books when it’s my turn for bedtime rituals :).

The burning question here is … does anyone else have to read “Curious George goes to the Hospital” every single freaking day?!  Some days I get a reprieve, and it’s Curious George Rides a Bike, or Richard Scarry’s Busy Day (firetruck page please!).  The days it has to be a super short story, I gag my way through Tinka Bakes A Cake (Mercer Mayer, what were you thinking?!) and once again fail to find any redeeming features in it. 

So, what have you read a gazillion times?!