Q of the Week : Holiday burnout tips? Pretty please?

Fynn’s list for this year, conceived and mostly executed by his older brother. Coming home from my run this morning, I had to weave around huge stacks of artificial christmas trees lying on the sidewalk, and dodge the man trundling them slowly into the store.  I shuddered a bit.  The Holiday Season is upon us, and every year it seems to get a bit crazier and even less sane.  The shopping starts earlier, the sales are more desperate, and travel frenzy messier, and the expectations harder to manage. 

I’m not a scrooge, but I think we take the holidays easy.  I should say we try to take them easy.  Family dinners, a couple small presents for the boys at Christmas, minimal travel, and lots of time together.  BUT, when you add in the requests for teacher present contributions, class parties in two schools, potlucks and parties with friends, cards (or the guilt over no cards), managing media-fueled expectations (see pic!), and lines at every store, it feels less and less like a holiday and more like a stress-fueled couple of months. 

I want to take back the holidays.  Anyone with me?  I need ideas on how to truly keep this time of year simple, without being a complete party-pooper.  Just one thing you’ve done, or hope to do, to keep you (and your kids!) sane for the next 6 weeks. 

> So, how will you keep yourself sane for the next 6 weeks?!  I know I’m not the only one!