A rather manic monday

Hi fellow-moms,

It’s one of those days and I’m not up to doing a newsletter today, I’ll get one out sometime tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’ll extend the deadline on last week’s until tomorrow noon, so please help me out on the lunch game!

The reason it’s one of those days?  In the last 24 hours, I’ve nursed a dying cat (my pet of 15 years) and had him put down, had my younger son fall off the top bunk while wearing nothing but shorts (scraping himself badly front and back, landing on his head, and getting a huge goose egg*), forgotten soup on the stove and burned it dry, and gone into a cleaning frenzy to block my mind from the loss of my cat.  I’m taking the day off :|.

SO, if anyone has any suggestions for a new question of the week, I’d love to not have to think about it!  If you have any, please leave them in the comments below.  (You’re always welcome to post your own questions in the forum, of course). 

Thanks in advance, and I’ll catch you all tomorrow.


A not very sane mom.


PS, I can’t help but mention that between Arnica creme and Silver-sol cream, I can’t believe the extent of his healing already today.  NO goose-egg left, no brusing at all, and red but not angry-looking scratches.  Arnica is amazing for any kind of bump/bruise and the faster it gets on the more it does.  I learned it from a sitter who tripped and fell while carrying my baby(!).  Silver-sol does amazing things with burns/cuts/sunburn, etc and also works very very quickly.  You can get Arnica here (as well as many drugstores), and Silver-sol creme here.