It was a wonderful 24 hours.  Off to a forgetful start as we were (of course) running late so I crammed my run in by running from home to the in-laws while Michael took the kids over there on the subway.  Halfway over the Brooklyn Bridge I remembered that I’d forgotten to put my dress boots in the clean-clothes bag he toted over for me.  Grrrrrr.  Anyhow, it was a lot of fun to wander around a huge ship full of people determined to cram as much fun into 16 hours as they possibly could!  We managed quite well ourselves, but the best part was getting to cruise down the Hudson at sunset, and come back in at sunrise.  And stars … we never get to see stars here!  Too many city lights, so being miles offshore and seeing all the stars in Orion (my favorite constellation) was a real treat.  I don’t think I’m a cruiser at heart (claustropobic tendencies don’t fit in too well!) but I’m very very glad we went and it was a true chance to unwind.  Back to real life tomorrow :). 

Big thanks M&T for sending us!