BEST is a relative term ...

Remember when you thought that Michael Jackson was the BEST dancer (ok, maybe some of you still do :), that Claire’s had the BEST jewelery and that Portillos had the BEST hot dogs?  Or perhaps the BEST hair product was Aussie Scrunch Spray, and the BEST thing you could never have was a monogrammed sweater … because putting your initials correctly ( First LAST Middle ) would spell BRA right across your chest.  Yup, I was crushed.  My sister got one (green I believe) but I was left out of the game.

Anyhow, I ate at Olive Garden today.  It used to be on my BEST list of restaurants, and I had fond memories of endless garlic breadsticks and bottomless salads.  I hadn’t eaten there in forever, and it was a convenient place to meet up with a friend and her family today, one I hadn’t seen in over 15 years!   While the time together catching up was highly enjoyable, I realized again that my idea of BEST food has apparently changed.  I ate well enough, but don’t think it will ever come near my BEST list again … living in NYC has changed my ideas about chain restaurants I’m afraid! 

It’s easy to get spoiled when it comes to food choices here, having been treated to things like iCi, Le Cirque, and Daniel in the last year.  My taste buds do not, alas, forget.  I willl say though that good company is much better than good food, if I had to pick one or the other.  I wrote an article on that topic for Hot by 6 awhile back actually. 

In other news, anyone have kids returning to school tomorrow and finding yourself cheering?  I’m with you, and I can’t wait to be honest.  It’s been great, and yes I’m dreading the routine, but I’m not dreading having them occupied for hours a day. 

So, what’s gotten knocked off your BEST list?