Q of the Week : Best and Worst moments of 2009?

It’s a New Year’s tradition to make resolutions, and I’m personally not that fond of them. I believe in change, by all means, but find most resolutions to be impractical unless they’re immediately shored up with concrete, manageable steps, and that’s just not looking fun to me right now! So I’m looking back for this week’s question, and will tackle those pesky resolutions in a post next week.

So getting to the point … What were the best and worst things about last year to you? I think my BEST answer is an easy one, it was the 2 days I spent with my mom and 93-year-old grandmother, visiting, eating, playing Scrabble, and getting her to reminisce.  It. Was. Heaven.  Getting her to dance the Charleston?  Probably the best 2 minutes of my year, hands down. (A miracle if you know Grambie!)   I love that woman more fiercely than pretty much anyone on this planet, and we’re certainly kindred spirits. I’ve had “spend a week with my grandmother” on my bucket list for years, and that’s the closest I imagine I’ll ever come.

My Worst?  Nothing earth-shattering last year, but watching my cat of 17 years slowly and agonizingly fade over several months was probably the hardest, and handing him over to the vet to end it all is right there near the bottom of the list.  I still “see” him around the apartment, and it’s been 8 months.  I had him a lot longer than my husband or kids, and while he was “just” a cat he was part of the fabric of my life.  Honestly though I’m thankful that I have nothing worse to report!

So how did your year shake out?  Highlights?  Lowlights?  Something you want to acknowledge so you can move on?  Do tell … 

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