Friday Roundup

Bringing you my favorite blog-finds this week, enjoy! 

We, Who Need Such Great Mysteries / Her Bad Mother muses on death and life and faith. It’s beautifully written and clearly articulates the struggles she’s going through. A wealth of honest comments too.

In Defense of the F-bomb / I started a bit skeptical, but I have to say DaMomma lays it out pretty clearly! It centers on her struggles with Doctors after her 3rd daughter was born. 

Agave Nectar: Good or Bad? / Food Renegade does a great job of clearly toting up the evidence about how good Agave Nectar is (or isn’t) for you.  I find her posts are always thoughtful, well documented, and give me real food for thought.  I’m on an anti-sugar kick more strongly than usual thanks to the holidays, so this was timely :).

Nightingale Shiraz / All her posts this month … the quotes particularly got me, though her writing is as lyrical and aching as ever.  Give her a chance, I did once and have always gone back for more. 

Ice Breaker / Mrs. G’s tale of a boring icebreaker game about Your Most Interesting Hidden Talent has produced a fabulous list of comments which certainly bears reading, and weighing in on. 

Those are my fave finds of the week, please share if you’ve got a must-read!