Dreams : Do you believe in them?

I had a dream last night about my grandmother (she’s 93 and I’ve talked about her before).  In the dream she was packing her bags to leave, and had almost everything tucked away in several suitcases.  The last one had just a little more room in it, and was lying open waiting for it’s last thing to be stowed.  I woke up and felt a little uneasy.  My mom mentioned a few days ago that her last conversation with Grambie wasn’t as coherent as usual, and while that’s not unusual my radar went off a bit.  So upon mentioning it to my husband this morning, and getting his “Call her!” reaction, I did.  She sounded chipper and with it, though her memory wasn’t too great.  I took the dream as a warning though, and will try to call her more often. 

I’ve had plenty of dreams that were weirdly accurate.  The night a dear friend died, I dreamed that the girl he’d been chasing (another good friend of ours) had died in the exact same way.  I was alerted to my first pregnancy (an utter surprise) by a dream.  I could go on, but the point is that I often feel that my dreams are extremely rooted in reality, and I pay close attention to them.  I use them as guideposts, warnings, and sometimes as answers.  I do believe in their value, and think that they’re definitely times when we can connect more readily with the spiritual world. 

Every fly in a dream?  The kind where you’re flying solo, under your own power.  It only happened once to me, but it was fabulous.  Fynn has been mentioning his flying dreams occasionally lately, and the first time he talked about it he was SURE he could still fly, and very indignant at the suggestion that he be careful :).  I almost always ask the boys when they get up if they’ve had any dreams, as they vanish almost instantly if they’re not teased out into the open.

I also found that pregnancy was when I had the most whacked out dreams, completely divorced from any sense of reality.   Most of my dreams are in a fairly logical world that follows most of the physical laws of this one (sadly).   Not when pregnant though, they were utterly wild!  I can’t remember any right now, but there were some great ones.

Had any good ones lately?  Wacky or great or weird?  Find them useful?  Just fluff?  Real?  Do your kids tell you theirs?