Random thought of the day

Took a hot bath today after a freezing cold run, and still felt cold.  I lay in the bath as it drained, somehow hoping I would feel warmer.  The sensation of my body verrrry slowly losing buoyancy and feeling heavy again almost made me feel paralyzed, like I’d been drained of my very essence.  I wondered if that’s what death feels like. 

I’m really not feeling morbid, despite the last couple of posts, but contemplative, and the sensation was so strong that I wanted to share it.  I also needed a post for today, and that was the most memorable thought of the day.

Happy end of the weekend, and may the back-to-monday blues not hit too hard!  I tried denial, gave it up almost immediately, but am refusing (wisely I think) to not look at my to-do list until tomorrow morning after the school-scramble. 

Sweet dreams!