Q of the Week : Simple pleasures

What are the little pleasure that you know will make your day a little brighter?

I realized this morning, while getting a pair of socks out of my drawer, that I get a huge kick out of pulling on a brand new pair of socks for the first time.  Something about ripping them out of the package and feeling them snug up to my feet is very enjoyable.  I got several new pairs of my most favorite socks with some Christmas gift money, and the last pair was broken in this morning.  I heart SmartWool and was hyping them up to other customers when I was picking mine out!  New socks are a simple pleasure of mine. 

I also love a warm mug of tea with honey and cream, stepping in a hot bath (ok, these are winter pleasures, I’ve been cold a lot this last week!), curling up on the couch with my boys and a movie, a fresh issue of Mothering and a plate of cheese and crackers, warm brie, and red wine in the pinch-pot mug that my friend made me years ago.  Running the Brooklyn Bridge in the sun, sniffing a bag of fresh pine-mulch, watching feel-good movies, and browsing old photo albums.  Some of my favorite simple pleasures, and all things that I can choose to do, not things I’m waiting for or hoping will magically happen.  Simple things that make me happy.  

What are your simple pleasures?  Need a reminder to treat yourself well this week?  Consider it done, it’s about time mama.  I’ve got a friend making me a DVD of a bunch of old movies, ran the bridge yesterday, and have half a wheel of brie in the fridge just waiting to be warmed.  What little things can you treat yourself to this week?