Q of the Week : What's your current Big Goal?

Most of life is bound up in the day-to-day details, and that’s what we need to find the joy in.  I should say I need to find the joy in … I’m great at seeing that stuff as drudgery, and getting it out of the way so I can do the other stuff.  The big things, the fun things, the “bucket list” things that so often get kicked to the curb.  I seem to function the best when I’ve got one of those dreams/projects in motion, otherwise I dither around and feel like I’m turning in circles without ever moving forwards.  Perhaps not the healthiest mode of operation, but it’s one I know well.  The crazy all-consuming wedding project disrupted my normal life to a great extent, but I throve on it to be honest.  I knew that once it was over I’d get a bit depressed. 

Thankfully I had another big project waiting for me when I got home: I’m three weeks away from running my first barefoot marathon.  It’s my second 26.2 race, but my first one in my barefoot Vibram “shoes”.  I can’t wait!  I love hitting the road, finding my zone, and coming home exhausted and stronger.  It’s just something in my genes I think, I have a lot of fellow runners in my family :).  Once this race is over, I know I’ll cast about for some other carrot to chase, keeping me too busy to fully relax and just enjoy life.  Or will I? Perhaps this time I’ll be able to slow down for a bit, I know my body is crying out for it. 

There’s one other big ticket item still in my sights, and that’s the “move out of the city and into a more rural environment” thing that we’ve been talking about for several years.  The how/when/where is still a complete mystery, but the goal is very much alive in our hearts.  It doesn’t fill my waking hours yet though.

What current big goal(s) do you have?  Do you thrive on them, or count the days until they’re over?  Love to hear what’s on your mind!