Friday Roundup

Hi all!  It’s been a light week here as I dig out from vacation, struggle with returning to ‘real’ life, and try to curb my internet addiction a bit.  I’ve only posted one FB status since I got home, and about 3 tweets.  Is that good for traffic, probably not, but it’s good for me so that’s what counts.  I have some posts brewing about all that, but in the meantime here are just a couple of links, but quality ones, so enjoy!

  • The Shape of a Mother : This site is SO good!  It’s full of real (ie non professional or retouched in any way) photos of mom bodies.  Sagging boobs and bellies, stretch marks, all the things that we all struggle with but rarely show each other.  It’s so good to see and know and hear that I’m not alone in my struggle with how I look.  I may not fight weight, but I hate my sags and bulges where none used to be.  Found via Mothering mag. 
  • Six Ways to Help the Angry Child : I need to re-read this one, as I have one that’s sunny as they come, and one that’s often angry.  Of course the sunny one has started imitating the older one’s behavior, but in a mostly comical way which is also hard to deal with!

Only two, but both worth checking out for sure.  Enjoy, and have a great weekend!