Friday Roundup (of sorts!)

Can you see it in my eyes? I’m waiting … This has been a weird week for me.  I found myself on strike at the beginning of my week, being willing to read emails but not responding to them, and spending little time online.  I’m tired of creating obligations for myself, and then becoming resentful when they get boringly repetitive!  So I took a break.  I found my groove a bit on Wednesday, and actually answered most emails, but haven’t compiled a list of blog finds because I didn’t read too many of them.  So it’s not a Friday Roundup in the traditional sense, it’s more a roundup of my mental ramblings.

You know how it feels when you’re ready for a change, but can’t quite get to it yet, or even articulate it coherently to anyone?  I’m there.  I’ve been there for quite awhile, actually.  I’ve talked before about moving, and how we really want to get out of the city, but the time isn’t here yet.  I’m sure I’ll know it when it comes, we always have, and I’ve never regretted how long I’ve stayed anywhere.  I’m just getting really antsy to have something shift. 

Home schooling has been a huge change, but so far it’s more a downshifting than finding a new speed and direction.  It takes a long time to actually slow down and relax enough to figure out how and where you want to go.  I’ve opened things up enough, and spent enough real time with Douglas, that I’m starting to see what he needs in his day, how much structure, and how we can best work together.  It’s been hard to give up my time alone, and work and this site have suffered.  I’m more relaxed, but not as free, if that makes sense?  Every time I turn away from Douglas and try to do some work online, there’s a big disconnect and we get frustrated with each other.  He wants to tell me something, and I don’t want to be bothered!  I’m still figuring out how much work I can actually get done well, and when it can be fitted in.

I did manage to have a date with my husband this week, which was half spent cleaning up and temp-fixing leaks in our building.  The other half involved oysters in garlic/white wine/thyme sauce and free drinks, which more than made up of for it!  I do love working with him anyway, it doesn’t seem to happen often enough.  We also managed to commit to doing one thing that we’ve been hoping to do when we move, and decided there was no reason not to start it here.  Stay tuned for details of monthly “Bring A …” gatherings at our crazy casa, I’m looking forward to putting them together!

How’s your week been?  Settled?  Loopy?  Fun?  Love to hear about it!