Friday Roundup

I’ve come across some great stuff in the last couple of weeks, and as I didn’t do a roundup last week, here’s a bigger list than normal.

  • 47 Things to do Before My Kids Hate Me … from Julie Power via Moms to Work, and inspired by running up against the teenage sneer.  47 things she wants to make sure she gets in before they’re too old, a great list to remind me to slow down and enjoy!
  • The How To Series from Marta Writes … simple, clear, and suck-you-in-because-it-looks-so-easy kind of stuff.  Most of them are uber practical, like How to Thrift Shop, and How to Host a Children’s Birthday Party
  • Soda Pop from Not Dabbling in Normal … home-made soda anyone?  I love soda but rarely buy the Cokes of the world thanks to the sugar/caffeine issues.  We love kombucha, and this looks like a great addition/companion to that.  Summer’s not over yet! 
  • Briar Haven, Part I - The Demon Lives at 7 … DaMomma hits it out of the park, again, with a gut-wrenching look at her life-changing experiences at age 7.  This hit so close to home with me, as my demons show up promptly at the same age, and are still haunting me.  Be sure to read the follow-ups, it’s a beautiful story.
  • A Little BPA Along with Your Change? … Yet another source of BPA is now coming to light, and it’s definitely worth becoming aware of, no need to get any more exposure to it than necessary. 
  • Parenting on Empty from Picklebums … We have ALL been there, many times, and she gives some helpful ideas at the bottom.  Read it BEFORE you’re on empty the next time!  I should have read it just about every day this week …
  • What? We Can’t Say Vagina? … Lissa Rankin via Owning Pink, and some grat thoughts on the banning of the word vagina in tampon commercials. Make sure to watch the UbyKotex commercial at the bottom, I found it hilarious!
  • Where I’m From, a poem by George Ella Lyon … This will likely reappear as a blog post/question soon, but it’s too good not to share here.  Sweet ending to a crazy week.  

Have a great weekend!  I’ll send out a newsletter on Monday before I hit the road.  Packing tips anyone?!