Is your holiday calendar empty enough?

Today’s crafty moment : Glass “bracelets” so we can tell whose is whose. This time of year can be utterly chaotic, with the invitations and obligations tripping over each other to make a tangled web of shoulds and coulds.  It can cause tension and drama, but I hope that’s not happening to you?  My life has changed enough in the last couple of years that it’s now easier to follow the KISS principle, mostly thanks to homeschooling.  We have a cello party this week, and our own holiday party next week, but other than that the calendar is pretty clear of obligations on our part, and has left room for family and friends to come visit which I’m really looking forward to :).

However, I just realized I’ve double-booked on Thursday, crap!  Now to figure out how to go to cello and the BlogHer Holiday Meetup … I will find a way though so please let me know if you’ll be there so I can say hello!!

In the newfound slowness, I’m determined to do some crafty things and let the boys be more creative and less worksheet-ish.  This morning we ended up making glass-bracelets before breakfast, as I’m tired of washing 4 glasses after every meal and want to use the same one all day.  It helps that we drink out of jam jars, as everything else seems to break faster than I can buy them.  They’re sturdy and I have more of them than I know what to do with!  It was a softer start to the day, and a good one. 

How empty is your calendar?  Empty enough to fit in some slow things?  Are you traveling, or staying home?  I’ve come to love that we’re home, and am glad that it’s worked out that were tenant-less for the last two weeks of the year, making easy room for visitors.  It’s really nice to have the space to ourselves for a bit too :). 

To finding moments to savor,