Friday Roundup, a bit on the moldy side

Hello, is that rain?  Right, grey skies and rain.  Again.  Just checking, nothing seems to have changed for a week now, and I’m starting to wonder if my shoes will ever dry out, or if that dingy spot on Fynn’s forehead is mold growing.  Upon further inspection it’s the leftover bruise from his falling-off-the-radiator-while-teasing-his-brother incident last week.  Douglas has dark circles under his eyes too, which may be some combination of lack of sleep and potion, as he’s concocted something that he says will make you look tired when rubbed under your eyes.  Trying to hide the fact that he’s staying up too late reading most likely …

Some links for your weekending pleasure …

  • The first one offers a view into what some interracial adoptive families have to deal with … We Don’t Care if You Stare from Dim Sum and Doughnuts.  I found it really hard to believe some of the comments people make!
  • Next up is Kizz’s question from yesterday, which is my question too so I’m posting it here hoping for more comments over there so we can both benefit!  Assvice Please: How do you get your momentum back when you’ve just lost it?  I’d dearly love to have a few more tricks in my arsenal, my usual ones aren’t working.
  • Mrs G is back, oh how happy that makes me!, and she posted a Social Inquiry this week that made me cry.  The question she asks is “Do you feel lovely?”  Please chime in.  I most certainly do not feel lovely, I haven’t for years, and the answer depressed me, but also kept it’s foot stuck in the door and won’t go away.  I can’t stop thinking about it, and wondering what I’d have to do to find that place again, at least once in awhile.  Being Lovely isn’t the same as being happy, though it’s related.  It comes from a more satisfied and content place, and I know that wherever that place is for me, it’s dusty and dark and unused at the moment.  
  • Shash of the beautiful blog Mecozy is holding an online sale of art and lovely things to raise money for her cat Pinky Leon’s surgery.  Find the goods here, drool a bit, and maybe buy yourself something too?  

I race run trot a half marathon tomorrow, hoping the rain holds off for those few hours at least.  Now lunch is calling, as is more work, so I’m off … have a great weekend!