Almost enjoying the spin cycle this time around ...

You know those frantic days (weeks, er, months, perhaps decades??) where you’re sure the day’s tasks are multiplying in the dark, and the faster you tackle them the more there are waiting to be done?  It’s been one of those weeks around here, with all of them hinging on today.  Fynn has to be at Carnegie Hall by 12:30, so he can be on stage (very briefly) at 2, and then sit quietly until 5pm when it’s over.  Without food.  (That part is so not happening, I’m sorry but enforcing the no-food ban for a 4-year-old for 4.5 hours?!)  My purse will be full of contraband granola bars for him and his friends if I ever get off the computer and on with my list. 

Right after the performance, and a celebratory ice cream or two, I’ll hop a train and head off to the Poconos for a girl’s weekend that I’ve hardly been able to look forward to for all the getting ready bits!  Technology problems, ant invasions, client deadlines, and the usual daily tasks of housework and homeschooling.  It’s pretty much a spin cycle.  BUT I am going to get away, and that reality will kick in before the day is over :).  Not sure I’ll know what to do with myself.  Of if I’ll want to come home again.  I’ve realized that the demands of home schooling mean I HAVE to get better about getting bits of daily time alone, whether the running picks up again or I find something else to do by and for myself every day.  Getting this pent up is not a pretty thing, and we’re all suffering under it. 

I said I was almost enjoying it though, and there’s some truth in that.  Getting lots done feels good, keeping busy when I’m fighting the blues is good, and there is satisfaction in checking things off the list, despite it’s tendency to grow.  When there’s a hard and fast deadline, like a curtain time or a fixed departure time, there’s that freeing feeling of knowing that whatever doesn’t get done won’t bring the world crashing to a halt.  The world, even my little corner of it, doesn’t hand on my lists.  It’s about doing what’s in front of me and doing it well, and learning when to say no to things that will just make the schedule even crazier. 

So what are you all doing for Memorial Day weekend?  (Or just the weekend if it’s a normal one for you.)  Cleaning up from disastrous storms, visiting family, doing the BBQ thing, or nothing special and wondering how you’re going to surivive?  I hope there’s sun and joy involved no matter what, and that some random stranger does something cool for you … catch up with you all on Tuesday!