Q of the Week : What's your personality type?

Off the deck of our hideaway this weekend … I had a great weekend.  Away from home and boys and peed-upon-toilet seats, in green hills with great friends, it was bliss.  I’ll recap it elsewhere to keep this Question short, but it involved a long whitewater rafting trip which I thoroughly enjoyed and am still aching from.  The funny thing was at least 4 of the 6 of us in the boat were Type A personalities, a lovely combination when shouting paddling instructions in the middle of a set of rapids!

If you’re not familiar with the A/B/C/D method of categorizing folks, the details are here, and I’ve included brief summaries below, courtesy of M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.  It’s a very general way of looking at things, but fun and sometimes handy if you end up clashing with a friend.  We got along well this weekend though, despite ourselves!

Type A personality traits

Type A personalities are competitive, high achievers and have a high sense of time urgency.  As a result of these combined traits Type A’s are always found to be busy working on their own projects.  Type A’s felt insecure at one point of their lives and so they decided to fight the insecurity by changing their lives and making achievements as fast as they can.

Type B personality traits

Type B’s are the opposite of type A’s. They are relaxed, laid back and not easily stressed. While type B can be achievers too still they won’t be as competitive as Type A’s. Tybe b can delay work and do it in the last moment, some of them can turn into procrastinators which is something that a type A can never do.

Type C personality traits

Type C personalities love details and can spend a lot of time trying to find out how things work and that makes them very suitable for technical jobs. Type C are not assertive at all and they always suppress their own desires even if there is something that they dislike. The lack of assertiveness results in tremendous stress and sometimes in depression. Type Cs are very vulnerable to depression compared to type A and type B.

Type D personality traits

D stands for distressed, Type D’s have a negative outlook towards life and are pessimistic. A small event that is not even noticed by type B can ruin type D’s day.  Type D might become socially withdrawn as a result of fear of rejection even if they like to be around people. Type D’s are famous for suppressing their emotions and that makes them the most vulnerable type to depression.

So what type(s) are you?  As I mentioned I’m pretty much an A, but I have a lot of C tendencies also, it just depends on the situation which side takes over.  Please share!

Hope you all had a great weekend, recap coming soon!