Would You Like Some Queen Sparrow, Carrots, and Mother Teresa?

Fynn made Sparrow a crown the other day … hope you get a bit of the royal treatment this week too!I can’t find the words yet for Mother’s Day thoughts, so I’ll leave that alone for now.  Other than to share a quote, that is, which kfc sent me the other day. 

“The woman is the heart of the home.  Let us pray that we women realize the reason of our existence: to love and be loved and through this become instruments of peace in the world.”  — Mother Teresa

May the Be Loved part be especially true!

It’s grey and rainy here, which I’m enjoying to the hilt for some reason, perhaps it’s helping the residual effects of last night’s magaritas not hurt so much?!  The boys are lolling about with new library books, Sparrow’s brother is purring happily on my lap, and the peace is delicious.  It won’t last I know, but it’s blissful for the moment. 

It’s Wednesday, and a recipe is in order!  Made Catherine Newman’s Carrot Salad again last week, and it’s utterly delicious and quick to whip up.  Highly recommended, tangy and salty and sweet, and it can even be made out of the wilted ones that you forgot about in the bottom of the drawer, unlike lettuce which goes all slimy and bleach.  Give it a whirl, and see what you think!  Even the leftovers are good …

Random enough collection of three, no?  Happy Wednesday!